Marketing Fundamentals for Non-Marketers

by Daniel Vassallo

If you see marketing as a daunting and ambiguous concept, this is for you. ...
If you see marketing as a daunting and ambiguous concept, this is for you. Over the last 4 years, I brought to market several types of products and services, including software, information products, communities, physical products, and even freelancing services. All of which generated over $1.5M in revenue since the start of 2020. I had no marketing background and I was completely clueless at the start. But with enough practice and skin in the game I eventually started to understand how to reason about bringing things to market while having a decent chance of success. In this session I will try to share with you everything I learned so far. I can almost promise you that you'll find marketing much less daunting after this session! We'll also have time for Q&A, so have your questions ready and I'll make sure to answer them all.

Thursday, April 25 2024
11:00 PM

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