Fundamentals of Internet Marketing

by Amanda Natividad

Amanda is the queen of content marketing, both for personal audience growth & for product reach. ...
Amanda is the queen of content marketing, both for personal audience growth & for product reach. I watched her grow her audience on X (back then, it was Twitter) from 10k to over 100k. I watched her grow on LinkedIn from a few thousand to over 40k. Everywhere she puts out content, it does well. She teaches a cohort course called Content Marketing 201, where she helps beginners and intermediaries build up their content marketing muscle. And she is the VP of marketing at an audience research startup, SparkToro. And now, she is taking an hour and a half to teach us what it takes to win in marketing today. In her coined phrase, "zero-click content," Amanda described the phenomenon that the most successful creators and brands are able to create. It's offering standalone, native-to-platform insights directly on a given channel, and winning hearts and minds over time. In this session, Amanda will walk us through why we got to this zero-click landscape, the challenges marketers are now facing, and how to market more effectively.

Monday, June 10 2024
5:00 PM
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