Midjourney for Creators & Builders

by Christian Heidorn

👋 Who is this for? ...
👋 Who is this for? - ​You are a creator 🎨 or builder ⚒️ who frequently uses graphics or photography as part of your work. - ​You work on projects that could benefit from visually appealing imagery. - ​You've never used Midjourney and want a quick introduction in how to get started. - ​You've tried using Midjourney but couldn't get it to create what you want. ​🦾 What will you get out of this? - ​You will realize that tools such as Midjourney are massive enablers for creators and builders, giving you unprecedented autonomy. ​​- You will learn about some of the very real and practical use cases in which Midjourney can be a tremendous help in complementing and upgrading your existing work. - ​You will discover the stylistic breadth that Midjourney has to offer and how easily you can tap into it, as long as you follow best practices. - ​You will learn the essentials of how to structure a prompt for increased coherence.


Thursday, April 11 2024
2:30 PM